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Aqualuma LED Lighting

From the world leaders in LED technology, Aqualuma Gen 4 underwater lights with more Light out put that ever before

Aqualuma offer an upgrade option, if you have existing Aqualuma underwater lights we can supply the latest generation Aqualuma light engines at far less that than the cost of the complete unit. Better still the change over can be done while the vessel is still in the water

The Aqualuma Advantage

  • Sold as individual light.

  • Internally driven

  • Wide angle elliptical beam 12° x 50°

  • Meets World EMI standard.

  • No Lens seal to leak

  • Very low DC power consumption

  • Draws less than 0.5 of an amp per light @ 12 volts

  • Very low heat emission

  • Can be operated out of the water

  • Long life, high output LED light engine

  • High tech nylon polymer housing

  • No bonding to anodes required (Housing cannot corrode)

  • Light engine will accept 12 volt DC power source

  • Serviceable from inside the boat

  • Available in white, blue or green

  • Each light comes with 2m (78") of wire

  • Ignition Protected

  • 3 year Warranty

  • Australian designed and manufactured

  • Easy install = low installation cost

The 1 Series has been introduced to cater to the high demand for underwater lights by owners of smaller boats. The 1 Series is priced to fit within the small boat owner's budget. Designed for tenders, rib and pleasure boats up to 28ft.


Built from the same high impact Polycarbonate material as the now famous Aqualuma 3 and 6 series, the 1 series is a very robust and affordable light, with easy installation and a current draw of less than 1 amp per pair.


All 1 Series come as a pair and include waterproof connectors and an external driver that connects to the lights. The driver then only requires a 12 volt dc power source.


Available in Ultra Blue, Ultra Green & Brilliant White.

The iconic 3 Series has doubled in output  but not in size. All grown up into the amazing, new GEN 4, 6 Series.

This all new 6 Series fits into the original 3 Series housing. Designed with long life in mind, the all new 6 Series is corrosion-proof and features Aqualuma’s injection-moulded, patented polymer housing – the most sophisticated material in underwater lighting available. The 6 Series is fully serviceable and upgradable without the need for haul out. 


Available in Ultra Blue and Brilliant White, this product is recommended for boats ranging from 6 metres (20 feet) to 13 metres (45 feet). As part of the thru-hull range, the 6 Series features Aqualuma’s 6 year housing warranty with a 3 year warranty on internals.

Gen 4 12 Series

Bigger, better, brighter: as part of the iconic thru-hull range, the 12 Series is a serious light designed to illuminate larger boats.

The 12 Series is a larger thru-hull option. This powerful light is capable of packing a serious punch. Like the famous 6 Series, the 12 Series has a corrosion-proof, injection-molded, patented polymer housing and is internally driven and maintainable.


Available in Ultra Blue and Brilliant White, this product is recommended for boats from 12 metres (40 feet) to 30 metres (100 feet). As part of the Thru-Hull range, the 12 Series features Aqualuma’s 6 year housing warranty with a 3 year warranty on internals.

Bigger, best, brightest. The 18 Series is the latest edition to Aqualuma’s Thru-Hull range. Designed to illuminate the worlds largest super yachts.

The 18 Series is our largest thru-hull option. Designed for large vessels and superyachts, the 18 Series delivers a huge light output at an affordable price in our patented, one piece polymer housing and has the ability to be serviced from inside the vessel.

The 18 Series ultra light is encased in our 12 Series housing and gives Aqualuma 6 and 12 Series owners the ability to upgrade to the18 Series from inside the boat with no haul out.

The colourful Tri Series is all about offering choice. Deciding which Aqualuma product to purchase has just been made easier.

The Tri Series combines the brilliance of the blue and white with the body of the 12 and 18 Series and offers customers the choice of two colours (9 blue and 9 white LEDs) in the one housing. Choose to operate just one of Aqualuma’s famous light colours, or run them together to get a mix of the two, at an intensity that is equal to the 18 Series.


Manufactured in the incredibly robust one-piece, corrosion-proof and injection-molded polymer housing. As part of the Thru-Hull range, the 18 Series features Aqualuma’s 6 year housing warranty with a 3 year warranty on internals.

The GEN 4 FF12 Surface Mount offers the ultimate performance where a surface mounted underwater light is the only option.

The GEN 4 FF12 has replaced the very successful FF12 with a new design, higher output and built in thermo control allowing greater life and wider applications. The FF12 caters to all boats where a thru-hull fitting is not possible.


The FF12 is a fully self contained fitting with a simple 2 wire installation. It produces both distance and width from the one fitting and can be mounted on any flat surface.

For those curious to find out what lies below the ocean’s glassy surface, the Luma-Vu Underwater Camera will take you there.

The Luma-Vu Camera gives you a crystal clear view of what’s happening in the ocean beneath you. Simply flick the switch on your Aqualuma Luma-Vu underwater Camera, and a kaleidoscope of colour will be revealed. The Luma-Vu Underwater Camera continues Aqualuma’s commitment to enhancing your boating experience.


Manufactured with Aqualuma’s famous corrosion-proof, injection-moulded polymer housing, this high resolution colour CCTV camera is virtually bullet proof (and definitely shark proof!). Luma-Vu will connect to any video input.

Aqualuma’s premium quality Dock Light illuminates marina’s and docks worldwide.

The all new Dock Light is a totally redesigned light and has a greater output than its predecessor. With 12 high powered LED’s and new optics, this is sure to offer a fantastic light display to docks and marina’s.


The Dock Light has no metal parts in contact with the water and its leak proof construction eliminates corrosion worries, as well as withstanding environmental forces. Incredibly durable, its 12 LEDs are housed in a high-tech, polymer housing.

The new SL12 comes in two versions; Flush Mount and Bracket Mount allowing functionality and smooth styling for a wide range of applications.

The very powerful SL12 has built in thermo control to monitor heat and will automatically ramp itself down if left on during excessively hot days.

The SL12 is available in flush or bracket mount versions. Both versions of the light are easy to install, offering a fantastic output and a neat appearance. Manufactured in marine grade aluminium and powder coated with a stainless steel or white bezel.

The Pathway Light casts a flat beam of light in two directions for marina walkways, general land based pathways and wall wash applications.

Made from die cast stainless steel this light is designed for many applications including marina walkways, driveways, parks and anywhere an illumination is required without glare. The pathway light throws a flat, wide beam of light to produce accent lighting and safety lighting to areas where pedestrian traffic is likely.


Colours can be mixed: For a path it can be white on the path side and green on the lawn side. Also available in white and blue combination for marina’s. Combinations can be customized.

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