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Model - T75F - Tough Surface - 75 Watts

T = Tough Surface is an Ultra-durable Non-skid coating with Unrivaled Double UV-protection.

Tough is our new revolutionary surface that features

  • Double UV-protection for a longer life span

  • Higher light transmittance than pure glass

  • Non-skid surface

  • Better scratch resistance

  • Dirt repellent

  • The ideal panel for high traffic deck mounting.


75 = 75 Watts nominal power output:


F = Flush mount with specialized flat profile wiring that allows fully flush deck mounting with invisible wiring runs


The Flush model is the preferred choice for deck fitting.

Also available with a minimal Junction box, blocking diode and MC-4 connectors =T100 JB

5 years workmanship warranty is standard on all Tough surface models.

[Technical Note: the 'Flush' panels have no junction box fitted so where required these should be installed in the system wiring.


Sunbeam systems recommend a bypass diodes is installed where the system array is 150 Watts or more.


We supply the bypass diodes free with the purchase of any 'Flush' wired solar panel.]

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