Ultra Fenders

The design of Ultra Fenders, in textile material has been designed to reduce storage of fenders on board considering the specifications on the following specific issues.

  • The force of an extreme pressure and traction equivalent or superior to the current product in the market.

  • Make it more lightweight for a comfortable handling

  • Give it an aesthetic aspect by using textile material

  • Be resistant to UVB by using a thread dyed in the mass

  • Its design avoid to keeping salt

  • The ovoid shape obtained from the points of reduction of the extern cover, keep it in the original position on the hull

  •  Provide cylindrical and spherical shapes

  • Designed by accompanied  yachting professionals, captains and industrial and technical partners and we have integrated INNOTEX at the CETI (European Centre for Innovative Textiles). After 4 years in research and development, we were able to achieve a product of quality, finished and tested allowing the entry on the market.

  • The technical design and its performance to mechanical pressure and tensile strength has been a world patent filing.

  • This product is manufactured exclusively in France.

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Compared to standard fenders, Ultra Fenders can be deflated to a fraction on their size

Ultra Fenders fold up small enough to fit into small storage compartments