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ULTRA Anchors

Manufactured in Europe, the Ultra Anchor range is the pinnacle in anchoring technology and design. Completely hand made (not forged) from 316 stainless steel L grade and hand polished, every Ultra Anchor is designed for excellence.

The Ultra Anchor demonstrates why a correct weight distribution and design is so important when setting and recovering your anchor. In fact, invert any Ultra Anchor and it will instantly recover itself to the attack position. This is achieved by having a very low centre of gravity due to the hollow shank and lead filled tip.


The stunning design and craftsmanship of the Ultra Anchors will complement any vessel and the ultra anchors work as good as they look. All Ultra Anchors have an individual serial number stamp in and come with a life time warranty.

To complement the Ultra Anchor we Recommend using the Ultra Swivel to connect the anchor to the chain. The swivel connects directly to the chain and anchor, eliminates the need for shackles and with the slim profile will pull through the bow roller smoothly. Each swivel has a rated breaking strain greater than the chain



Key Benefits

  • Self Launching off your bow roller

  • Always lands in the attack position

  • Instantly buries deep and holds firm in un-favorable weather conditions

  • Does not release in a changing wind or tide

  • Unique self righting features

  • Easily recoverable from the bottom

  • Self aligning into your bow roller

  • Stunning high polished 316 stainless steel

  • Life time warranty

Ultra Anchor will fit on most vessel and have been fitted to a huge range of different types of power and sailing boat. It's a testament to Ultra Anchors that Riviera and some other manufactures now fit Ultra Anchors as standard equipment on may of their vessels. Click link below to view photos of range of vessels with Ultra Anchors fitted.

Ultra Anchor Power Boat Gallery

Ultra Anchors Sail Boat Gallery

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Ultra Swivels

Slim profile to pull through your bow roller smoothly. Flip function so the anchor comes up the right way and breaking strain greater than that of the chain

Video shows real life Ultra anchor in action

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