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AirBerth Boat lifts are the world leading floating boat, sold in 30 countries around the world.

Enabling vessels to be kept out of the water, eliminating the need for anti-fouling while being able to be launched quickly and easily saves time and money.

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Since the introduction of Ultra Anchors in 2007, Ultra Anchors have revolutionised how people viewed anchors.

In the past anchoring was always a problem, it took good anchoring technique and a bit of luck to get an anchor to set. Even then if anchoring over night some one would need to be on watch.

Ultra Anchors changed all that, they will dig in and set with little effort and will stay set with a change of wind and tide

Aqualuma world leading under water lighting for boats

Now standard OME for many recreational boats, Gen4 Aqualuma lights have huge increase of light output and can be easily upgraded from older versions

Inflatable Textile Fender

Easy to inflate and deflate the Ultra fenders can save on a huge amount of storage space that large fenders can take up.

How tough are the Ultra fenders? Check out the video of a 15 to earth mover and 20 ton excavator drive  over them on the Ultra fender page

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